October 25, 2009

No fucking shit?

Holy fuck, this is fucking messed the fuck up.

I pull up along side him, and essentially told him that I had intercourse with his daughter from behind, and she liked it," said Shahrokhi.

Okay so fucking far, I call that "My morning ride to work", but that's when it got fucking scary.

"And he was on the phone with police."
Overland Park Police ticketed Shahrokhi for disorderly conduct, which includes using offensive, obscene or abusive language to arouse alarm, anger or resentment in others.

WT fuck? You can't say "fuck"? What a fucking pussy that loser is. "Ooohhh, he said a bad thing, I need the police".

The fucking police should have told him to fuck off, don't they have anyfuckingthing better to do than police language?

Sticks and fucking stones will fucking break your fucking bones but the word "fuck" will never hurt you.
In conclusion,

And yes, I know he said something about the guy's daughter, yes, that's over the line IMO, but....get over it, it still doesn't constitute a threat, it's just being an asshole.
We don't need the police for everytime someone's an asshole, especially since everyone's definition of "asshole" is different.

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