July 25, 2009

Lesson #1

"Hey hey, kids, maybe you shouldn't back the presidential campaign of the most socialist major-party candidate EVAR!"

[Warren] Buffett has agreed to lend his voice for a cartoon version of himself in a series called the Secret Millionaire's Club. Each episode will be three to five minutes long.

"What better time to help educate our kids about financial responsibility," Mr Buffett said of the series which will be produced by a company called A Squared and is one of four new programmes the company is making.

Yeah. What better time, huh? Asshole.

Oh, and get this, from an interview promoting the new cartoon:

"Ten years from now the dollar will buy a lot less than it buys now," he said. "It will be the consequence of what we're doing now. It doesn't mean what we're doing now is wrong at all."

Yeah, I guess it's pretty easy to say that when you've still got, you know, billions of those fucking devalued dollars to spend. When you're a middle class family, maybe not so much.

Anybody who listens to this guy ever again is a fucking fool.

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