September 23, 2010

Karnak Says

The Amazing Karnak says there will be far more outrage over this from "rights" groups than we'll ever see over this, or this, or this, or this, or this, or thi......ahhh, it gets too depressingly unfunny when you look too closely.

First link to a festival in Spain where they put burning sticks on a bull's horns and it runs around trying to kill something. Not really sure of the point, but eh, it's their culture right?
Just like the rest of the links are to the peculiar culture that endorses killing women for the sin of not wanting to live in a sack or for accepting a note from a fifth grade classmate (a boy! gasp! obviously thinking of... uhhh... kill her!) or be treated worse than a goat or for people to do on and be done on by the gender of their choice.

Not really funny except in the full on black humor irony department that finds it funny when western female activists get raped and are forced to shut up at least and sometimes they end up converting and having to marry their Palestinian "brothers". Which will also garner far less outrage than pissing off a bull that you then allow to try to kill you.
None of which I really find that funny, except for some reason I do.
Willful ignorance is far worse than stupidity and it's far more dangerous. Just ask the people who go to the North Pole and nearly freeze to death because it's not really warming or the folks who believed in Obama.
Hoist on your own retard is kinda funny.

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