September 14, 2009

Iowahawk FTW

Over at Ace's in the thread for the terror bust there's some speculation as to who the perpetrators are, so Iowahawk steps in and solves the conundrum
40 Archie Bunker lived in Queens.

I guess he's on the DHS/Acorn/White House mailing list.

Of course this ABC story says
The building's superintendent, Ramiz Berisha, says those who were questioned are Pakistani.

Hot Air or Ace mention something about NBC news talking about an "Iranian threat" last week.
So do we have Iranian backed Pakistanis? You know, a budding nukular country working with an already nukular country.

So like everything in The Funniest End of Civilization Ever, there's teh funny with teh endy.

And yes, I know I got the network wrong both times. Screw them. They get everything wrong about me, from guns to racism, from now on I'm getting everything to do with giving them credit wrong.
I'm gonna start attributing CNN links to WND.

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