September 14, 2010

I Loooooove New York...

NY has the most hilarious politics I've seen anywhere. I love watching them.
The disconnect between NY politicians and accountability, honesty or decency is as jaw-droppingly vast as their contempt for their voters.
So in today's laugh-inducing episode (laugh track not needed), we see everybody's favorite law-breaking mayor of NYC wanting to go all cowboys and Indians on... wait for it..... the Seneca tribe in NY.
NYS, and NYC in particular, have ridiculous taxes on cigs. They're at least $10/pack in NYC and $7+ upstate. So the Indian tribes sell tax-free cigs cuz they're a separate nation and make probably more money than from gambling.
said ... that Gov. David Paterson -- who's trying to rustle up millions in cigarette taxes from the tribes -- should grab "a cowboy hat and a shotgun"

Okay, that's funny. And a good window into why he wants to disarm everybody but the gov't.
What makes it funnier?
Pataki tried this in the 90s. It didn't go so well. 
The Senecas had set a number of bonfires earlier Wednesday night near and on the Thruway, holding off an earlier assault by state police.

They've also been threatening to start charging tolls on the Thruway (that's 90 going from Albany from Buffalo and 87 from Albany to NYC. They're near the Buffalo end on 90.) since Patterson started making noises and going after them for that sweet, sweet tax money.
The best part? The last time no news services really covered it very much. I was in DC at the time and I saw very little of it on CNN.
Now? Foxnews will be all over it.
The worst part? It'll probably be Geraldo and Shep Smith on location.
 Eh, maybe the Indians will take them hostage, cover them in honey, put them in a hole and cover them in fire ants.
I would predict best ratings ever if that happened.
H/T SondraK

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