January 27, 2010

Foxes Guarding Fox Cages.

Hmmmm, so you're Obama. You need to be better than Bush.
Bush released the odd jihadi from Guantanamo and some large minority of those released were later found to be jihadiing again.

How to be better than Bush?
Streamline the process for them to get back into the jihadi pipeline!

A source close to the Obama administration said the Yemenis had agreed in principle to the establishment of a Reintegration and Risk Reduction Initiative, which would be internationally funded and monitored.

First, I'm gonna guess it's a lot more "funded" than "monitored".

Second, and very endy and funny, do you realize we'll be funding a jihadi R&R facility?
From the article
Yemenis currently account for nearly half of the remaining 196 Guantanamo inmates.

They'll hang out for a few weeks and then be off to wherever the jihad takes them.
It'll be like Tokyo in the old MASH reruns where they go to smoke hashish and chase little boys and camels.

Funniest End of Civilization Ever.
Via the Jawas

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