November 19, 2009

Did he really say that?

Yeah, it's a Politico link, so sue DPUD.
I'll take Politico with a grain of salt, but I want to believe this dammit.
So some Lawn Gisland Dem in a "safe" district thought the election was in the bag (I guess he didn't see a need for ACORN)
I had no idea,” he said of the run-up to the vote. “Both my polling and public polling and just the general reception I got from people in the street was, ‘Don’t worry about it , you’re a shoo-in.’”
His first indication of the upset came, he said, when he went to close the polling place in his hometown of Glen Cove and found that turnout was down about 25 percent, leaving him down about 2,000 votes.
“And I thought, 'Wouldn’t it be amazing if I lost,'” he said. It was the first time the thought had crossed his mind. “It was like a joke.”

First, Heh.
Second, check out why he thinks he's behind in the counting and recounting of votes
Suozzi said he detected a certain exhaustion in voters and cited Arthur Schlesinger’s theory about "cycles" in American history that alternate between periods of public spirit and of private interest. His sense: Voters are withdrawing from the public sphere.
... ‘Hey, I just want to take care of me and my family,’” he said. “People are not listening to those speeches any more — they’re kind of burnt out.”

Get it? The damn selfish voters want to just take care of their families too much to do what our political, social, intellectual and moral betters want.

Heh. Rarely have I seen so perfectly encapsulated exactly why people hate the gov't right now. The gov't is mad because they know best and we proles keep demanding our "rights" and stuff.

I've changed from my "100% turnover in Congress and the White House" to "100% turnover in all elected offices everywhere".
Screw em all.
Even the freaking dog catchers.
(Although I could be talked into not including people like Sheriff Joe Arpaio on that. I have to respect a county sheriff who tells the Feds to go screw).

Via Karol at Alarming News

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