January 06, 2010

'Cause New York's got all kinds of extra money.

Junkies are people, too, guys.  And, thankfully, the city of New York is recognizing that by publishing, with (oh, yes) government money, a "how-to" guide for heroin addicts.  The pamphlet, including useful tips on how to find the vein and the best way to heat the drug, cost New Yorkers about $32,000.  And, sure, $32k is hardly astronomical in government terms, but really? 

Of course, the move has its defenders.  They're helping people to not die from heroin, you know.  After all, there's a safer way to inject a fatal, highly addictive drug.  Motherfuck me with the rod of stupid right through the nose - I never would have thought!  Thank goodness that someone took the time to teach me how to inject heroin safely.

I think this guy from the DEA sums it up best:

"I think tips provided in the pamphlet are not good in terms of preventing anyone from going down the road. It's enabling a user, or potential user. It implies you can use heroin in a safe manner, which is false. There is no safe way to use heroin," said John Gilbride, special agent in the field division of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

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