August 13, 2010

Bookie Bankrupt? Believe it.

I've been pretty busy for a few weeks (in the Obama sense of the word, I took off 2 weeks to see the family) and I've been cutting way back on my intertubing, but I'm back.

I was in NY and heard something that even made my lefty sister accept that maybe we're in the Funniest end of Civilization Ever.
NY OTB is in bankruptcy.
That's right, one of the biggest bookies in the country is going bankrupt.

Why? It's NY. The pols are blatantly and ridiculously corrupt.
There are two ways a bookie can go bankrupt, if he's just starting out and gets hit with a bunch of longshot wins or his protection money is too costly.

I'll give you hint, OTB hasn't paid out any $10 million winners lately.

OT question (can it be OT if it's in the post?)
Did anybody else think the "Hero Flight Attendant" was probably a dick?
I've flown a fair amount since 9/11 (probably 2-4 R/Ts a year) and I've seen a marked decrease in civility on stewardesses and stewards.
They're dicks because if you give them a hard time, you spend the next day of your life dealing with a tremendous hassle, if not jail time.

Now it's coming out he was an asshole and I'm absolutely unsurprised.
I only fly when I'm going farther than 5 hours by car, although I'm starting to drive up to 10 hours because I'm totally sick of dealing with idiots with the power to take my freedom when they're in a bad mood.

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