June 12, 2010

Barack Has A Hotdog!

Have you ever had a Chicago dog? They're pretty damn good, and they only cost a few bucks. But have you ever paid for one (or a few) with your tax dollars, and didn't even get to take a bite? Maybe so...

President Obama may be from Chicago, but he still needs some help when it comes to cooking up Chicago-style hot dogs.

The White House was preparing for its annual congressional picnic for last Tuesday and they wanted Chicago-style hots on the menu. Only catch, the staff didn't know how to make them, reports Lynn Sweet at the Sun-Times.

So the White House staff got in touch with Byron's Hot Dogs owner Mike Payne and flew him to the White House to assist the kitchen staff in preparing hot dogs for Tuesday’s annual congressional picnic.
The kicker? According to the article, Payne didn't even bring the ingredients for the Chicago dogs with him. Instead, he gave a grocery list "with all the traditional fixings" to the White House chef.

Um, is it just me, or is that the kind of thing that could be done via phone or e-mail or by looking at a fucking cookbook instead of flying someone several hundred miles across the country?

And, while the article doesn't explicitly say whether or not this was done at taxpayer expense, do you really think that it wasn't?

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