September 04, 2010

A plastic ball pit too far?

Okay, that's funny.
The FTC sent out a bunch of subpoenas to companies to defend their actions in marketing to kids.
So who did they subpoena? Camel? Parrot Bay Rum? The makers of pink AR-15s?
Chuck-e-Cheese, Yum brands and the marketers of Air Heads and Baby Bottle Pops (candy for those without kids or who never go to a supermarket).
So a restaurant designed for kids can't advertise to kids?

I mean, I understand, Parenting is hard, and when your kids see a commercial for something they want it's hard to say, "No".
So the only answer is to make children's lives so incredibly bleak that they can't whine about all the nice stuff they're not seeing.

Quote of the article.
"We are not proposing any regulation" she said

"Yet" she subvocalized as a "bwa-ahahahahhahaha" escaped her lips.

I may have made up that last part.
Via Cold Fury, dude always harshes my mellow and has for nearly 9 years.

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