July 27, 2010

And in other birthday wishes...

Our President's birthday is coming up, so please go sign his birthday card and send him your kindest wishes.

I'm not going to inflict a picture on you, but WTF is wrong with his left (your right, morons!) ear?

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July 22, 2010

WTF is wrong with Wisconsin, part eleventy billion and five

WTF is wrong with Wisconsin that doing a Google search for "WTF is wrong with Wisconsin" gets 5,000+ hits?  Hell, "WTF is wrong with Google" gets 22,000, and Google is way bigger than Wisconsin, definitely well over five times as big.  And "WTF is wrong with Spencer Pratt" (hey, it came up in the Googlevomit suggestions) only gets seven.

tmi3rd could start his own Linkiest-type blog with all the great stuff he posts on his FB account, but instead he leaves it to us to spread to the Intarwebs all the insanity he shares with us.

Wisconsin politics almost took a turn for the awesomest this election cycle.  Those party-pooper election officials just had to go and ruin it.

Unlike candidates from the established Democratic and Republican parties, independents are allowed a five-word statement of purpose on the ballot to explain to voters what their candidacy is about.
I personally would have dinged her for the use of 'whiteman's' instead of 'white man's'.  Hell, girl, you've got five words to express what you're about, you'd better milk the system for each and every one of them!

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July 19, 2010

I'll have my kids paint you one for five bucks

I'm really trying to understand this, I truly am.

How the FUCK does a road sign cost ten grand?

Can someone explain this to me, pretty please?  A friend of mine puts up road signs for a living, I'd be surprised if he makes $20 an hour doing it despite having to spend every week away from home.  For that sort of price, I want signs that will give my car a handjob as it's driving down the road, or at least blow fairy dust and ground-up unicorn horns into my AC system.

This is the government that we're supposed to trust to cut costs in health care?  Is there some reason we should expect this sort of reckless extravagance on something completely unnecessary to not predict even crazier expenditures on lots of nothing in our medical system?

Update: @KatMcKinley (RWS) proves my point.

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