December 02, 2008

Hope, Change, And Deer Falling From The Sky!

Now, deer are flinging themselves off of bridges out of sheer ecstacy from The Messiah's looming "rule". Or oncoming traffic. But I'll blame Obama.*

Police in Indiana say five deer that wandered onto a highway overpass have jumped to their deaths on Interstate 69, one of them crashing through a tractor-trailer's windshield.

Indiana Department of Natural Resources spokesman John Salb says the deer may have been spooked by cars as they were crossing the overpass Friday. They fell 20 to 30 feet onto the highway.

Police say the driver of the tractor-trailer rig struck by one of the deer was not injured.

*Look, I'll start blaming everything on The One, since the moonbats have blamed everything including the Teapot DOme Scandal on Bush.

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December 01, 2008

Great Moments In Transporting Goods

I doubt this guy has the correct D.O.T. Authorization, surety bond, and insurance.

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The Lightworker: Working Miracles Before He Is Even In Office

And The Deciders are singing his praises regarding Black Friday.

President-elect Obama also said this week in a series of press conferences that he held Monday through Wednesday on the economy and laying out his economic team. You got to give him credit for one thing at least: ever since the leak of Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary at 3:00 last Friday, the Dow has gone up 17%, the S&P has gone up 19%. So at least there's been a vote of confidence in the markets for president-elect Obama…And Black Friday, that’s exactly right, sales up three percent surprisingly on Black Friday. So, is this about the Obama economic team?

Honestly, do you think The Deciders will ever mention any bad news for the next 4 or 8 years?

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Obama's Fault: Terror Edition

Not even in office and the Fresh Prez has already emboldened our enemies to the point where India may get into a nuclear war with Pakistan and there are men with M-16's in the New York subways.

I am reminded of the scene in Braveheart where Longshanks ponders who to send to meet with Wallace:

Not my gentle son. The mere sight of him would only encourage an enemy to take over the whole country. So whom do I send?

Anyway, things are quickly going to hell in a handbasket and it is time to take stock and note the recent things that are Obama's fault:

  • Large men with illegal firearms are shooting themselves in New York City night clubs.  Of course, when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will shoot themselves in the leg in night clubs.
  • Britney Spears is releasing a new album.  Surely the four horsemen are saddling the horses.
  • To those living under rocks, one of the most massive and well-orchestrated terrorist attacks in history occurred in Mumbai.  I'll have MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH more on that later today.  Let's just say I've been doing the math all weekend and this story doesn't add up.
  • Racists continue to be lying liars in Detroit.  Can't a Mayor text a few ho's up in this bitch?  Everyone knows Mark Furman did it.
  • All the HopeChange in the world doesn't seem to be convincing enough for global leaders to sacrifice their own economies upon the alter of Gaia.  Remember, global warmening hurts minorities, women and terrorist college professors the most.  RACISTS!!!!111
  • Did I mention that Britney Spears has a new album? 

What else did he fuck up this week?

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