February 08, 2010

Green Police

Mike D. asks, "Where the hell is the dpud thread on the freakin Green Police commercial!?!"

Right here.

It was about 2 seconds into the song when I said to my friends, "The 'green police' come into my house and start fucking with me and I'll fucking shoot every one of them in the fucking FACE."

From there, my confidence that there would be epic bloodshed should some group of hippie cock-gobblers try to arrest me for using a fucking plastic grocery bag increased steadily.

Just to be clear, enviro-nazis, if you try to force me to be "green" I will force you to bleed severely from one to many holes in your torso and genital region.  You can pry my Styrofoam take out container from my cold dead hands.  Of course, if I were a betting man I'd bet that your hands would be cold and dead long before mine.

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