February 20, 2009

Ask A Moron: Why don't you ever answer any Ask A Moron Question?

A secret admirerer writes: My dearest and most esteemed Moron Pundit, for what reason have you ceased your delightful feature 'Ask a Moron?'  I fear I will soon expire without your wise guidance and crudely drawn diagrams.  Love, your secret admirer.

P.S. - The shaft just isn't wide enough.  Please widen.

Well, the main reason is that I ran out of questions*.   I intend to finish the Zombie Invasion questions but those take a long time to write and life has been a crazy, chaotic mess since about November. 

 So, ask away if you dare have the deepest mysteries of the universe, life and everything revealed to you by a drunk guy wearing a helmet.

* - Well, that or the questions I did have didn't get answered in a timely fashion by myself and reached their expiration date. 

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