May 15, 2010

Bleg - Who knows someone at Blizzard

I am having problems with a World of Warcraft account and am not getting a lot of traction in getting it resolved.

Here's the issue: 

Last Feb. (2009) My account was frozen because it was stolen or suspected of being stolen.  I contacted Blizzard and after a number of days they sent me some forms to fill out and said they would determine whether to restore the account.  I sent the forms in and never heard anything back, and the account remained locked so when my Credit card expired I let the account payments expire. 

Recently I decided to start playing again so I dug out the disks and set up a battle net account.  My original Wow disk was damaged so I bought a new one and installed and downloaded patches.  No problem so far.  Then I tried to install Burning Crusade.  Put the disk in and it skipped immediately to play (no install stuff which after the patch I download seems semi reasonable) so I go to enter the key on battle-net and it gets refused because it is linked to the old frozen account.  I go to the FAQ page as directed and it tells me to merge the old account.  I try but of course it is still frozen, so I contact Blizzard.  Again it takes a couple days for response but a GM contacts me and asks me to repeat everything I put in the trouble ticket.  I do and he responds that I need to merge accounts.  I explain again that I can't and tell him that if they want to supply a new authentication key great or if they will unfreeze the old account great. He responds again and tells me to contact billing and technical services, the same people who didn't restore the account last time.  So I can try again to have Blizzard restore the old account, which I am not optimistic about, I can shell out another $80 for Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King, I can hope someone knows someone who can maybe bump this issue up a notch, or I can take my money somewhere else.

At this point the last option looks most likely, but hell who knows maybe one of you is on a first name basis with some Blizzard dude who can make the world right again.

Update:  So after a 1.25 hour wait on hold for someone to answer I am back to where I was last year with Blizzard telling me the account was locked because it looks like someone stole it and please fill out these forms, which he promised he would e-mail.  No record of the ones I filled out and faxed back last year.  They did reset the email back to my email so that's a plus at least.

Update 2:  Giving credit where credit is due, David did send the form in a timely fashion and followed up after I resubmitted it this evening.  The wait earlier was irritating, as is the entire issue, but his attitude is making up for it.

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