July 11, 2008

Ask A Moron: Working Your Partner

The esteemed Gabriel Malor asks - If you think an hour a day is the right total and your partner thinks an hour a week is the right total, how much does he need to do to avoid the charge that he hasn't done his share?

It is always a difficult situation when your partner isn't putting out enough ... effort. Often, one member of a partnership pounds and grinds and slams away for hour after hour ... umm... while the other seems to just lay there and take whatever comes their way...

Umm.. uhh... it can be a real headache... er... or that might be the excuse.

Have you tried... err..... buttering up your partner? You know, really grease the umm... uhh... wheels? I hear that makes any ... ummm... transaction less... hah.... painful and you'll feel ... hehehe... slick for having rubbed worked one out on with your partner.

Anyway, enough with the advice (I've recently been informed we only need one Dr. Phil) and onto the math (I was told there would be no math!):

You demand services at least 7 hours per week. Your partner only wants to give it to you 1 hour per week. This is a difference in ass-busting of 6 hours per week. Let's see here... carry the one... lowest common denominator... integrate the cosine...


Are we talking about the same thing?  I feel light headed.

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