June 06, 2008

Ask A Moron: Oh, for the love of God*

Old Iron asks - Where can I go to get my balls shaved professionally?

You seriously don't want to know but, unfortunately for you, the morons in the Bar Slaves Forums have helped me out with this very disturbing answer.

It turns out, there are many businesses that serve this ... er... particular need.

For example, Mary Jo's Beauty Boutique of Studio City, California offers body waxing for him and her:
Mary Jo's Beauty Boutique on Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks specializes in the removal of hair for both men and women. Mary Jo, the "waxing wiz," laughingly calls her establishment the "House of Wax" and, in addition to her female patrons, caters to a very large male clientele. Mary Jo offers full body waxing services to both men and women, but notes that men request her special touch for removal of hair from ears, top of nose and backs.
She also makes use of something called a "skin vacuum" which made me stop reading. I just have no interest in knowing anything more about a skin vacuum. Ever. At all.

Anyway, there are several other places out there if you'd like to get your balls 'managed' professionally.

Exit Question: What does one tip on a full ball waxing?

* - I usually like to include a picture with posts like this but I think, just this once, you'll be glad I didn't.

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