July 27, 2009

Ask a Moron: It's a Conspiracy! Edition

Thought I'd give this a go, Jon Henke asks the following on Twitter,

When will Republicans do to the Birthers what William F. Buckley did to the Birchers?

The answer?  Never.  Because you can never do to the modern Birthers what Buckley did to the Birchers.  Sure, you can marginalize them some, but you aren't going to be able to reduce their ability to publicize themselves on a broad scale or engage in attention whoring stunts, it's like trying to grab a fistful of water.  When you only had to shut them out of a few publications, radio stations and TV shows, you could marginalize them pretty handily, as Buckley did.  Modern technology makes that an impossibility. 

Could the left and the Democrats slap down the even more embarrassing Truthers or Code Pinkos in any significant way?  Not that I saw.  The Truther and Code Pinko crews seem to have quieted down after the 2008 elections...odd that.  Unfortunately, it seems to be the case that a certain percentage of society is pretty much is just going to become certifiably insane after the results of any election.  Let's not forget those polls exposing the shocking percentage of liberals who were Truthers.  I fully expect a surprising percentage of GOPers who believe the Birther crap too.

Consider it one of the downsides to opening up broad publication access to the public at large.  I for one consider the fact that I and most of us Morons, Henke and other decent folk can have the ability to publish our thoughts to a (theoretically) broad audience and organize trumps the downside, that insane Truthers, Birthers and other refuse can do the same.

As for politicians smacking down these guys, it'll never happen, that's like sticking your dick in a hornet's nest.  You're better off backing away slowly and calling in a professional to take care of the pests. 

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