June 18, 2008

One year of moronblogging and an announcement

It's been one year since I started this moronblog, and I think I've done alright, managed to pull in 100,000 hits within a year, and I think the quality of the site (if you can call it that) has increased vastly, exponentially so with Vinty, MP, Sean and bmac on board. 

That said, I do have an announcement as well, I've decided to bring more co-bloggers on, and I've invited Plebian at Daily Dollop to co-blog at doubleplusundead.  I may have one more big surprise contributor, but after that, doubleplusundead will probably be considered a full house, contributor-wise.

Since we're on the subject of changing things up a bit, I've known about this place for a good while, but this is Ace's new site, or will be when the transition is finished.  He's sending people over there now because AoS is fucked up again, so consider this a Moronosphere PSA.

Oh, and most important, thanks to all you morons for continuing to read my crappy blog.

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