July 29, 2009

An apology

On behalf of everyone here at DPUD, I would like to apologize for Vinty's inappropriate, tasteless, and regrettable blog post earlier today.  (link is NSFW and should not be viewed by children, the elderly, or pregnant women; DPUD accepts no responsibility for blindness or ED caused by viewing this link).

While DPUD and the rest of the gang are busy beating the stuffing out of Vinty, I've been assigned the task of adding a palate cleanser for you.  So here you go!  A woman who merits inclusion in the Hill's list in at least 8th place, and is more attractive than the chiseled arms of Michelle Obama.


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July 22, 2009


Yes, that's right, DPUD lives up to his moron status and gave me the keys.
Big mistake/ahnuld voice

So I've been thinking. My first post at Doubleplusundead has to be serious, it has to be momentous, it has to be important and most important of all, it has to have the word "Fuck" in it.

So, DPUD told me if I joined up I would get to see the pics that prove that alexthechick is really a chick. So who has them? Please don't tell me it's moronpundit or Alice H. I've been kinda rude to them lately.

Update: Fuck.

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July 10, 2009

Spreading myself thin

For some reason, PJ Mama decided to give me the keys to The H2 last night, so I'll be annoying people with retarded poats like this one over there occasionally from now on.

(Don't worry.  I'll still be posting retarded stuff here, too.)

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