November 03, 2009

True Profiles In Courage

I am fucking sick and tired of people misusing the "Speaking Truth To Power" line in this country. You want to see real courage? You want to see real "truth to power"? Check out this Iranian Student confronting top clerics in public.

This international mathematics Olympiad winner blasted Khamenei in person in an unexpected move, focusing on “supreme leader’s performance” and the “lack of criticism against supreme leader.”

In addition to criticizing Khamenei personally and the office of the supreme leader, this student also criticized the state radio and television’s biased coverage of issues and the police’s brutal crackdown of people protesting against the election results.

Ayatollah Khamenei was forced to respond to the student’s criticism, but according to several eye-witness sources, the supreme leader was so distraught by the student’s remarks that he cancelled the usual prayer session and left the meeting early.

Folks, never forget these people. They truly are taking their lives into their hands to speak out. Never forget the Poles, the Hondurans, the Koreans, or any other people around the world who try to speak out in the face of true threats, violence, intimidation, and torture.

Thanks to Veeshir

***UPDATE*** Wel, well, well. Take a look at how many young Iranians are commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the capture of the US Embassy in Iran.


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