December 07, 2009

Meanwhile, In Iran ...

While Harry Reid is out there telling the free world that us RACIST!!!eleventy!!! Republicans are as bad a opponents of slavery, women's rights, and civil rights, there are more people dying in the streets of Iran.

It's not a major headline on most news sites - after all, the MSM all ready covered this six months ago, and this time, there aren't compelling videos of young girls dying.  In fact, journalists are on lockdown throughout the country of Iran, told not to venture outside until Wednesday at the earliest, so no one can contradict any of the Iranian state-run media reports.

The men and women in the street have some different takes on this.

"I saw three middle-aged women being shocked by members of the Basij using stun guns," a witness said in a phone call from a street near the university. "I ran away, but when I turned around I saw them lying on the street, their bodies shaking because of the shocks," he said. As he spoke, people could be heard screaming in the background.

Demonstrators battled security forces outside the university gates, another witness said.

"I can see stones flying through the air and clouds of teargas," he said in a call from Enghelab Avenue, which runs alongside the sprawling Tehran University campus. "The security forces are constantly preventing people from gathering." People waiting for buses were also being hit, the witness reported.

My thoughts and hopes are with you fine people in Iran for refusing to give up the fight and insisting on getting your voices heard.  I commend you for your dedication, I mourn the losses you incur, and I hope (with, undoubtedly, less passion than you) that you will see the freedom from tyranny that you so obviously want.

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