May 21, 2009

Annihilation through attrition

Hillary Clinton is comfortable telling Israelis to do something the US administration is incapable of encouraging in the illegal immigrant population within our own borders - stop breeding.

Speaking on "Al Jazeera" (how convenient and sycophantic) she firmly stated US President Obama's policy:
"We want to see a stop to settlement construction - additions, natural growth, any kind of settlement activity - that is what the president has called for"
Natural Growth?

Since when does one country interfere with another's natural growth? Who does Obama and Hillary think they are?

I'm reminded of the decrees of Pharaoh in Egypt millennia ago, who demanded the cessation of Jewish births, and decreed that all Jewish male babies had to be thrown into the Nile River.
With friends of Israel like this, who needs Iran?

And speaking of Iran...
In a poll released this week, 71 percent of Americans say the United States won't be safe with a nuclear Iran. Seventy-nine percent said if Iran acquired a weapon, it was likely to provide it to terrorists to attack an American city. A slightly larger number, 80 percent, said Iran was likely to fire a missile at Israel.
Obama's concern over Iran is unimpressive.
Under pressure from a visiting Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, to explain the latest White House position on Iran, a relaxed Mr Obama remarked: "We should have a fairly good sense by the end of the year as to whether [the Iranians] are moving in the right direction."
I suppose I should wait until the guys that kicked in my front door are done with whatever they're raping and pillaging before I decide what their intent is. Obama's aiming to be historical in more than one way - if he continues on his current path, he's going to aid in the next Holocaust.

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