June 07, 2009

This is what hope and change gets you

The polls are closing in Lebanon, where an election that could be seen as a referendum on Obama's Cairo speech is wrapping up. Hezbollah is currently predicted to win Lebanon's parliament from a pro-Western coalition by a narrow margin.

"I voted for reform and change," said Laure Khoury, a 32-year-old schoolteacher, after casting a ballot for Hezbollah's Christian allies in the Byblos district north of Beirut. "We tried the others for four years and we got nothing but promises and corruption. Enough is enough," the Christian woman said.
Despite the fact that I'd love to see Lebanon tell Obama, "Screw you and your fancy-pants brown-nosing condescension!", I'd rather not have a terrorist organization running the show in yet another Middle East country.

Update: Haaretz is reporting that Hezbollah is projected to lose.  Yay!

Update 2: NYT and WaPo are both reporting that the pro-US coalition is winning.

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