July 14, 2009

Someone musta watched too much Bunny Assud

Reston, VA just dodged a bullet on their election for their citizen's association, which is sorta like their local city council except it apparently isn't really a city. This fine example of a walking pile of excrement after a spicy bean burrito lunch was running for office unopposed until someone put two and two together and realized the lunatic is a Ron Paul supporter. And likes badminton.

OK, that's not really what got him axed. What really got him axed through a write-in-campaign that resulted in him scoring less than 2% of the vote is that he's a Holocaust denier, one who has such disdain for Holocaust survivors that he calls their accounts "tragicomic". And he's a troofer, although that is getting much less press as it's easier to tie someone to their direct words than it is to tie them to a public access show that doesn't seem to be available to view unless you actually tune in to the show.

After attending Dartmouth, he obtained a master's degree at American University in Beirut, where he also met his wife, who is Palestinian, and became more sympathetic the Arab view of the conflict with Israel.

"I found I had it all upside down," he said.
So either he was tuning in to Palestinian Children's Television too often or his wife has a really special vagina.

If there's any doubt in anyone's mind about whether this cretin whose cumdumpster mother left the best part of him drying on her thigh after the gangbang is a conservative who just went off the deep end, look here

And, um, holy crap, when did MSNBC turn into a lying hatefest? Oh, wait.

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