September 08, 2009

Mad Mullahs or cartoon villians?

Today is "Steal from Yourish"* day.
First up, we have comedy gold from the Mad Mullahs.
"Today, the military is able to both detect stealth cruise missiles and destroy them," the television quoted Miqani as saying.

How do they do this phenomenal feat?
He gave no further details.

I figure he couldn't because they're still trying to figure out how to photoshop a Klingon warbird into the pic.
I always wonder if they realize exactly how silly they look when they say stuff like this.

*I know it's none of my business, but to any Jews out there reading this, at the next meeting you should nominate her to replace the incompetents you have controlling the media. If she's not on the ballot, start a write-in candidacy. The ones you've had in charge for the last 30 or 40 years have really sucked.

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