August 26, 2009

I am so gonna win that betting pool

You know, that betting pool I suggested where I think I'm the only one to actually make a declaration.  Not the one in the actual post, the one in the comments where I suggested we place bets on who Obama is going to invade and when.

I might even go so far as to suggest Obama's approval rating will go below 30% by, let's say 90 days after he proclaims in September to the UN that Israel needs to abandon Jerusalem and its settlements and recognize Palestine.  Because it wouldn't surprise me if Obama sets a three-month deadline for Israel to bend over and grab its ankles.

So I suppose the question is, if One Jerusalem's sources are correct and this isn't a bunch of unnecessary panic, what would be Obama's motivations for doing this?  Would this be a simple case of Obama naively thinking that peace in the Middle East and a halt to international terrorist attacks would magically occur if Israel were effectively neutered, or would the destruction of Israel be more malevolent in nature? 

Yeah, there's a whole lot of speculation here based on anonymous sourcing.  Good manners prevent me from speculating on what sort of watery hell some people might now be occupying, so I'm gonna speculate on this instead.

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