April 10, 2009

Giving our President the benefit of the doubt

Must be a headbutt /

I've figured out what Obama was doing here, all you wingnuts looking to find fault with every move Our President makes can shut the hell up.

It's really obvious - President Obama, in all his testosterone-filled glory, was overcome with the urge to headbutt King Abdullah and see him *poof!* into a cloud of dust. At the last moment, President Obama, in his magnificent wisdom, recognized that annihilating another country's head of state would be a poor diplomatic move and restrained himself.

Oh, and here's an interesting tidbit:

BARBARA WALTERS: I understand that now that you are king, you prohibited your subjects from kissing your hand. Were you embarrassed to have your hand kissed?

KING ABDULLAH:I have tremendous distaste for such matters because I believe that one only bows before one's God, not before another human being.

(h/t Jossip for the pic and the Walters interview - I went looking for the picture and got more than I had hoped for. I think their take on the incident is blurred by Obama glasses, though.)

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