November 04, 2009

Et tu, Emmerich, et tu?

Oh for fuck's sake. So. Apparently the only thing that doesn't get trashed onscreen (or maybe at all) in 2012 is the Kaaba. Why?

Because Emmerich and his co-writer didn't want to get fatwa'd.  (btw if fatwa'd isn't a word it totally should be.  Must credit atc)

What's actually interesting is to contrast this with the people who wanted to get their landmarks trashed.  Look, I'll admit that I don't really blame Emmerich for taking the less than brave way out.  It's an idiotic destroy the world movie.  No point in getting all head chopped because of it.  On the other hand, this is the kind of self-censorship that's creepy.  Really creepy. 

Also, I will totally and freely admit that this post is just an excuse to post pics of Amanda Peet.  Why?  Because she's awesome is why. 

Pics below the fold.

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