May 24, 2009

Seriously folks, you need to chill with the handwringing

No, seriously, the reaction to the ad is ridiculous, man up, er, nancies. If you want to argue that it was an ineffective or stupid ad, fine, but why all the squirming and panicking about how the media is going to spin this?  Why do we spend so much goddamned time wringing our hands about the fact that the media and the left are going to distort and twist what it is conservatives or GOPers say?  The ad isn't sexist, man up and say it, and slap down any leftist who says otherwise. 

But we won't, because we're way too willing to let the left set the terms of the battle, I can lay any money that tomorrow morning we'll watch the same Beltway douches squirming nervously and apologizing to Stephanopoulous or David Gregory or whoever, like we do every time we see something like this.  Really folks, it's four simple words, and an understanding that we can't continue to let the left define the terms of battle and the battlespace and expect to win

I keep going back to this, but I really think conservatives need to take a step back, and watch the NRA and gun nuts (and I say gun nuts in the most positive manner) to see how political fights are waged.  If you've followed the Second Amendment debate, or have gone back and learned about the evolution of the debate, you'll come away with at least some sense of how to fight the fight and win.  They don't back down, and on those occasions where they NRA doesn't step up, local activists step in and make things happen. And they're always on the attack now, gun control advocates can't seem to get any traction outside of a few Marxist havens like NY and CA.  And you'll notice, when you see Wayne LaPierre or some other pro-2nd advocate arguing, they don't let the media or Bradys define the terms of the debate.

Even in what is theoretically a politically impossible place for pro-2nd activists to see victory, they're still racking up wins, such as the bill allowing concealed carry in national parks.  The Bradys and VPC are completely demoralized, Josh Sugarmann and Paul Helmke have quit issuing press releases, they now issue lamentations.  The media screeches impotently, gun nuts point and laugh. 

Conservatives would be wise to step back and learn how to win political and culture wars from the NRA and gun nuts.

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