May 21, 2008

feinstein-widestance amnesty provision stripped from iraq supplemental bill

McCain better hope that Congress doesn't make any big effort to try and pass another Amnesty bill.  Amnesty almost destroyed him once politically, and may come back and succeed if he doesn't shut it down very quickly, should it rear its ugly head again.  In fact, it may do so anyway, because I'm guessing that's a huge reason why he has no money or volunteers. That could give Obama the edge he needs...yeah, I'm assuming Hill's done, unless she's got one hell of a trick up her sleeve, she's not gonna be the nominee.

In any case, the mini-Amnesty Feinstein and Widestance tried to slip into the Iraq supplemental bill have been stopped, for now.

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May 15, 2008

senators feinstein and widestance trying to sneak in an amnesty bill

Rotten little fuckers, they just don't know when to quit do they?  They're trying to put it in the Iraq supplemental budget.

Apparently David Vitter....sure, why the hell not, maybe bring Congressman Foley out of retirement too?  Is going to present an amendment to strip Senators Feinstein and Widestance's amnesty bill from the Iraq supplemental next week.  You know what to do.

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