January 23, 2009

Question to all you PA Morons

Did your State Representative/Senator promise to give back their raise?  Mine definitely didn't give back theirs if they did.  For those unaware of the back story, a few years ago, the PA State Legislature decided to sneak themselves a little pay raise, pissed off voters, and a bunch of incumbents were booted out of office in the next election, a few of which were pretty powerful in Harrisburg.  Ever since then, any time the words "Legislative Pay Raise" are uttered, PA state legislators dive into a foxhole, cower and shout "I'LL GIVE EVERY PENNY BACK I PROMISE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T VOTE ME OUT!" 

This time, the PA legislature was given a raise this December because of a previous state law that automatically raises their pay.  For those that don't know, PA legislators are actually paid fairly well compared to most other states, which is in part why people flip their shit when the PA legislature gets another raise.

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