July 08, 2010

I Hope This Shitbag Lives

That's right. I hope this fucking fuckwaste of anything fruitful fucking lives, so that he can get a zillion times more abuse and terror inflicted upon him than he inflicted on an innocent girl just a few months younger than my daughter.

I fucking hope Dutch Dong Don and his merry band of prison goatse professionals open up a fourth and fifth cavity in his body. I fucking hope the workhouse wormholers go on an orgy of rib tips and painful radialfucking on his fucking orbital sockets. And I fuckingly fuck the failferret of fuck hope he lives long enough to get prison AIDS and have to spend every agonizing nanosecond of his fucking worthless life knowing that he will never enjoy an anal rupture free day for the rest of his life.

So fuck you, dirtbag. Fuck you with an improvised shiv soaked in hate and fetid fecal matter.

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