November 22, 2009

Breaking News - FAA Computer Outage Resulted From Purposeful Shutdown So A Nuclear Missle Could Be Fired At Denver

This is complicated so bear with me.

Apparently Obama is engaged in a secret war against the CIA, Federal Reserve, and G-20 globalists who along with the Bush-Cheney Drug Cartel are attempting to establish a New World Order.  The shutdown of the FAA computer system the week was done on purpose to allow forces loyal to President Obama to launch a nuclear attack on the Denver International Airport.  This airport is apparently a secret evacuation center for the NWO elite established so they can escape after the fall of the US occurs. 

At this point it appears Obama is winning. 

How did I not know about this war?  Thank God Sorcha Faal is here to inform me about such things because apparently the vast right wing conspiracy isn't going to.  Now I have to decide who to root for the CIA / Federal Reserve / Bush Cheney Drug Cartel or Obama and the forces of good.

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