August 31, 2009

Is that a bomb up your ass or did you have the chili?

Sorta related to the last post, because after reading/seeing both posts, you are left with the question, "How gay is this?"

Okay, we've all seen the link about the Yemeni trying to blow up some Saudi oil tick.
But Omar at Iraq the Model noticed something....odd.
The bomb was up his ass. That's why the "prince" wasn't killed, the explosion went out the path of least resistance, you know, the direction explosions in the colon usually escape.
Omar also asks if he put it there himself or:
But on the other hand if someone else helped him do it then that makes the whole operation unholy, and very gay, right?

Much like wheel boys in the previous post, the answer is "Very gay".

I don't comment on "holy" or "unholy" anymore (none of my business), but when I was a believer, I'm pretty sure I would have said, "Unholy" whether it was up his ass or in his backpack. 

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