October 03, 2009

Yes, it's we evil wingnuts who make religions out of political movements, right Neal?

So, I see Neal Gabler has polluted my intarwebs with another one of his literary droppings, so let's see what inanities he has to offer for us today,

But it is becoming increasingly clear that liberals haven't just been succumbing to superior message control, or even to a superior political narrative (conservatives' frontier individualism versus liberals' communitarianism). They are up against something far more intractable and far more difficult to defeat. They are up against religion.

Perhaps the single most profound change in our political culture over the last 30 years has been the transformation of conservatism from a political movement, with all the limitations, hedges and forbearances of politics, into a kind of fundamentalist religious movement, with the absolute certainty of religious belief.

Heh.  Hahaha.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!   Oh this is fucking rich.  We're the ones who have made our political and philosophical movement into a religion?  Us? 

We're not the ones who spent the campaign chanting Yes We Can!  with glazed over eyes.  We're not the ones making children sing songs in praise of Barack Obama, both as private citizens and as teachers in public schools, like they're the Hitlerjugend or Kim Jong-il's cultists.  We're not the ones who claimed we take actions that could lower the fucking sea level.  We're not the ones who tacked up Soviet-style poster of Dear Leader Barack fucking everywhere.  We're not the ones who thought there'd be peace in the world when Obama took office.  We're not the ones who thought we'd never have to pay another bill again because Obama was elected.  We're not the ones who daily praise Obama like he's some fucking Man-God.  That's you, motherfuckers.  Not us.  You.  Don't you fucking try and tell me that we're the ones who have created a religious movement.  I'll have more on this piece later, I think.

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