April 23, 2009

Well, The Twat Is Slowly Joining David Brooks In The RINO Heartache And Disappointment Crowd.

And that party room rented for this gathering is beginning to exceed the Fire Marshall's occupancy limit.

Seriously, Mr. Twat, were you surprised that Obama would bring about show trials of his opponents?

While the comments, complete with links to Jane Hamsher's site and the like, are comedic gold, the Twat's worries are as silly as usual.

Obama’s promises of unity and change could have meant – could still mean – a departure away from the tit-for-tat use of law as a weapon of politics of the previous generation. If however it turns out to mean an escalation of the use of law, be warned: this is one escalation that will not soon be de-escalated.

Give me a fucking break, Mr. Twat. Either you knew all along that Obama would and could break his promises and were willing to play the Useful Idiot Game, or were so blinded by his moobs, Klingon Wife's Level 5 Swordsmanship, and Harvard Law Somethingorother, that you willingly allowed yourself to ignore the hazzard lights ahead of you. Either way, fuckface, you are a fucking moron, and deserve to be nothing more than a guest poster over at  Kos. I seriously hope that selling your soul for that Newsweek article and MSNBC reacharound were worth it, because you have proven yourself once again to be stupider than the snowbillies and bitter clingers you despise and want to keep away from your yacht club with George Will and his yellow pants.


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