October 03, 2009

No, I Am Mocking Your Belief In Obama As A Sun King

In light of DPUD's earlier post, and some of the bullshit coming from the left and formerly relevant and formerly conservative blogs who are claiming that I am un-American or whatever for enjoying a bit of schadenfreude over Chicago not getting the 2016 Olympics, here is my response:

Fuck you. Fuck you in the past perfect tense up your gonorrhea stained ass with an alligator sealed with quick drying leprosy soaked concrete. I am in no fucking way wanting to see America lose. I am no fucking way wanting to see this country humiliated on the world stage.

No, I am making fun of the fact that the left was humiliated yesterday. I am mocking the fact your demi-God was humiliated yesterday. I am making fun of the fact that the empty suit you poured all of your hopes, dreams, projections, and fantasies on learned the hard way that being a Teh Awesome Rock Star can only go so far on the world stage. I am mocking the fact that the arrogance, hubris, and delusions of divinity that Obama and his followers have cultivated and projected was pimp slapped yesterday. And I am mocking your flippant belief in the office and trappings of the President of the United States of America.

I fucking want to see America as the top dog forever. I fucking want people to forever believe that the image of the POTUS and Air Force One Landing on foreign soil means Big Fucking Things such as peace treaties, meeting with formerly oppressed people around the globe to symbolize a beacon of hope and promise, telling dictators on their front step to fuck off and to tear down the walls dividing us, economic agreements, meeting soldiers in the field to encourage them on, or consoling and comforting those around the globe in need.  But using the trappings of the Presidency to grovel and beg in front of an organization so corrupt that ACORN and the Chicago Way stand up and want to take notes on how to operate? No. Fucking. Way.

And therein lies why I am so happy the last few days. Not that America or Obama "lost". No, I am happy that maybe, just maybe, some of the dickfisters and perforated colons on the left will realize that the Presidency is a Glorious Burden. I hope they realize that the Presidency and its trappings is a gift from all of the American people to the man (and hopefully, someday, woman) we entrust to lead us. I hope yesterday teaches the left that the world doesn't necessarily want to love us because of who runs the show. I hope that someday the left will realize that the Presidency is not to be used for Teh Roxxor vanity projects, especially on foreign soil. And I hope that someday, the left realizes that the President is just a man (or woman), chosen from and by the people to lead us, and then go away after four or eight years, and not a Divinely Ordained monarch for life, a dictator for life, or a quasi-religious Sun King type of character, upon whom they can transfer all of their hopes and dreams.

Sadly, though, I get the feeling the left will just retreat back to their childish thumbsucking over this deal. And I really do feel pity for them for that. You don't have to be a religious sort, but you need to be bitch slapped back into reality and understand that Obama is just a man, and not a faith healer and divine figure who can save the day.

Oh, and fuck you to anybody who wants to call me out for this. That is all.

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