July 23, 2008

Dork: McCain can't be president, he's not tech savvy enough to run a computer!!!

Some poindexter at PCMag is arguing that because McCain doesn't know how to work a computer, it should disqualify him as president.  Really dude?

Should McCain sit down and learn a few basics on how to run a computer(assuming he isn't just goofing on his age when he makes those comments)?  Yeah, probably wouldn't be a bad idea, considering how central they've become to American life, to our economy, and to our national security. 

But to argue the guy isn't tech savvy enough to run the country is asinine, does this doofus have any idea how technically challenging it is to fly a fighter?  It can't be easy, and I'd bet a hell of a lot more difficult than operating a PC.  Landing a plane onto a carrier is itself extremely challenging on it's own, and McCain used to do that.  To argue the guy isn't tech savvy enough to run the nation is ridiculous, he is tech savvy enough, just not the kind of tech savvy this guy thinks he should be.  There are plenty of legitimate criticisms of McCain, that he can't run a PC isn't one of them. 

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