October 28, 2009

Behold The Tolerance And Sheer Lunacy Of The Left, Vol. Eleventy Bazillion And Five

Holy shit! This guy is so fucking crazy, I don't even know where to begin. But, obviously, he must have some issues with Dick Cheney.

MIKE MALLOY: Cheney, by the way, looks very ruddy. I couldn’t get over that. Like he must have feasted on a Jewish baby or a Muslim baby. He must have sent his people out to get one and bring it back so he could drink its blood. Because that – you know, that’s what somebody like Cheney does to get that ruddy look … it was very clear that he had been eating the blood of either a Jewish or a Muslim baby.

Mike, just a tip: the "Cool Facts About Dick Cheney" Thread was just a joke, mmmkay?!?

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