January 13, 2010

Where I Send Message To The Ladies At Code Pink In A Chivalrous And Gentlemanly Manner

FUCK YOU, Code fucking traitor Pink. Fuck you and your sweaty, hairy pitted trust funded shebitch sidekicks of dickshriveling shittiness with Benedict Arnold's rusty dueling pistol loaded with those spiders that like to lay sarcoma soaked eggs inside humanoid nether regions.

This isn't fucking with recruiters, taunting wounded warriors, heckling congresscritters at hearings, or acting as human shields in a war zone. THIS IS FUCKING TREASON AND SUPPORT OF FUCKING TERRORISM AND TERRORIST GROUPS. Do I fucking make myself fucking clear, blubbering bitches of beastial beauty? You are fucking helping, supporting, and expressing solidarity with 7th Century savages who want to kill anybody who isn't them. You are fucking helping savages who want to wipe the United States, Israel, and every other fucking civilized nation off the face of the earth. And you are fucking helping savages who support honor rapes and honor killings of "wayward" women, killing and torturing gay people, and killing just about anybody who doesn't agree that beating women, killing innocents, and fucking goatses are good ideas.

Oh, and the last time I checked, the Muslim Brotherhood was where Khalid Sheihkh (fuck it if my spelling is off. Stupid donkey fucker should get a better name) Mohammed made his bones in the terrorist world. You know who Khalid is, don't you? He is the fucking mastermind of the 9-11 murders. So, in that regard, the blood of over threefuckingthousand innocent people is on your fucking hands. And I sure the fuck hope you get called to account for any funds that come from the banner ad you placed with the Brotherhood.

And for what? What fucking goal do you wish to accomplish by supporting terrorists? What fucking good will this accomplish? Do you really fucking want radical Islamists emboldened with your support? Have you fucking thought through what your support means to the world? Have you fucking thought through your belief that supporting terrorists is a good idea for peace (ask the Oslo accords how that sort of shit works out)? Have you fucking thought through what your actions and support mean in this country? And, last but not least, do you seriously fucking think that  the terrorists will spare you down the road? Seriously. I mean, fucking seriously. Cut through the bong water haze, put down daddy's checkbook for a moment, and think this shit through.

I would love to think that you are just naive dupes who think that your actions will help foster peace. I would love to think so, but I know you sick fucks. I know that you disgraceful people want to help terrorists for whatever sick reasons you have. I know you have a long track record of going out of your way to undermine the country that gave you the freedom to protest. I know you, and that is why I hate you. I hate you because your support of terrorists today is as bad as Jane Fonda in Hanoi. It is as bad as Tokyo Rose and Axis Sally. And it is as bad as the Fifth Column. And for that reason, I hope the worst possible fate befalls you. I hope you get into such a pinch that Daddy or Hubby can't write a check for you to bail your asses out. And I sure the fuck hope you wind up in a situation where you need American or Israeli assistance to extract your ungrateful asses out of your problem, so that you can see the decency of our side and the savagery of the other side.

So fuck off, Code Pink. Fuck off with a rectal suicide vest that only partially works.

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