September 23, 2009

When Jim Webb Isn't Writing Bizzare Pron-Like Stories, He Is Busy Coddling Dictators.

In a move that will surprise no one, Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) is tight with the murderous junta leaders over in Burma (yeah, I'm calling it that. If you don't like it, you know how I feel). Sayeth Goldfarb, with a juicy update:

Look to Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) for the answer to those questions.

On September 15 I reported on a closed-door meeting between Senator Webb and Secretary Clinton. Burma watchers raised eyebrows and speculated that Webb was making a last-ditch attempt at influencing the Burma policy review that State Department officials say should be released tomorrow by Clinton in New York City. Webb has been in the forefront of pressing the administration to engage with the regime and drop U.S. sanctions as part of a bizarre effort to check Chinese influence in that shattered country. Sources tell THE WEEKLY STANDARD that Webb enlisted Clinton's help in obtaining a visa for Nyan Win during their meeting last week.

The carefully worded State disclaimer that Nyan Win "did not meet with any government official," would not apply to Webb. In fact, Nyan Win had barely dropped his bags at the Burmese embassy when Webb was banging on the door to meet over the weekend. Webb spent considerable time with Nyan Win during his August tour of Burma -- a visit that will be most remembered for the blunt criticism it prompted from those fighting for freedom in Burma.

Webb has now handed the junta yet another diplomatic victory and delivered a blow to that country's democratic opposition by facilitating Nyan Win's trip to Washington. With the regime's horrific record of abuse and military cooperation with North Korea that could very well involve missile and nuclear proliferation--what is driving Webb to provide moral and political support to the vicious thugs running Burma? Why his highhanded treatment of a democracy movement that continues a battle that should be an inspiration for everyone living in freedom?

One final thought: the Obama administration is issuing visas for members of the Burmese junta while revoking visas for members of the democratic government in Honduras. I challenge any Democrat to defend that double standard.

Now, in light of that, thus sayeth Mr. Von Bear to those on the left who implicitly support this shit by voting for these cocknogglers:

Fuck You. Fuck you with a typhoid soaked flammable hedgehog sent in to catch the Chimp Virus infested gerbil that is stuck in your ass eating an ass potato. You fucktards for years have claimed the moral high ground on innumerable ocassions. And, yeah, sometimes you have been right, but you know what? Fuck you is what. You run the show now, and you and the people you have sent to Washington have been a wee bit hypocritical in your assessment of the players on the world stage, so I ask you:

How the fuck can you defend this dogshit covered boot up the ass?

How the fuck can you remain silent when yet another thug gets the Royal Reacharound from The One and his crew?

How the fuck can you defend this constant coddling of assholes, or giving the drop dead sign to our allies?

How the fuck can you still claim you support "Hope And Change" and all that horsespunk when you have backed, or refused to criticize or confront, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Burma, and Zelaya?

How the fuck can you defend the overt snubs your side has given some of our most stalwart allies in Great Britain, Israel, Poland, The Czech Republic, South Korea, The Average Joes in Honduras, and now the millions of people in Burma who suffer the fate so shitty that they have to flee to China to live a better life?

Is it all because of who is in office? Is it all because doing what you are doing is an overt snub to previous administrations and you get the same jollies off of that that I do when I see my wife bend over to pick up a pen I just "happened" to drop? Is it all because, secretly, you love a strongman? Who knows. And to perfectly honest, I don't really fucking care, for I will do to you, what Denzell Washington did to those guys in "Man On Fire" if you try to confront me and defend your fuckfacedness.

You lefties have once again proven that you are not on the side of freedom. You have proven thatyou are hypocrites, saying you support people when you are out of power, only to coddle the tyrants of the world and piss all over the freedom lovers when you are in power. You have forfeited any moral authority you may have claimed to have over world affairs, and for that, I wish you nothing by disappointment, heartache, and having to live with the refugees of these countries you don't care about next to you.

Fuck off, go away, and let me eat my lunch in the peace and freedom you wish to stifle elsewhere around the world.


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