February 23, 2009

Philly journalist Mike Mallowe's snivel: We need to ban guns, the Constitution be damned!

He declares that the vermin who shot and killed that Philly police officer didn't kill the officer, the gun he was using did.  Yeah, this journalist really is that pathetic.  He completely ignores the fact that this guy, and pretty much all the vermin who have shot Philly police in recent months have been career criminals who shouldn't have been out of jail in the first place.  So let's see what he says about the court ruling that declared Philly wasn't above the law, and couldn't supercede PA state law,

Philadelphia has already tried to change the law so that it can enforce its own gun codes inside the city limits. The city lost in the courts because the monumentally well-financed gun lobby came in as a freind of the courts to fight the move. They trotted out the same tired excuses: hunters are law-abiding citizens, guns don't kill, criminals do; we have the guarantee of the Second Amendment.

No, the city lost because it's full of dumb fucking Marxist vermin who decided they'd make an political statement by passing a fascist ban you knew full well would get smacked down unceremoniously in the courts for being counter to PA gun laws and our Constitutions (PA and Federal), as much as it probably pained the judge to do.  You smacktards knew going in what PA state law is, and you knew what you were doing was futile, and you went ahead with it anyway, and wasted money that could have gone to better fund the struggling Philly PD, or some other worthy project.  It isn't the gun lobby's fault Philly is full of Marxist retards.  You want to ban guns, run your little gulag the way you want?  Split off from the rest of PA and join up with Jersey.  Get the hell out! You'll be much happier, and so will we. 

This line is a classic,

This is a news flash for that gun lobby: Back when they wrote the second amendment, Americans were still burning women as witches


Philadelphia needs the power to ban the sale and possession of hand guns once and for all.  

No, Philly needs to STFU and STFD, I'm tired of Philly bitching and moaning and trying to muscle the rest of the state around.  I'm more than happy to let Philly turn into a 3rd world Marxist hellhole turn into more of a 3rd world Marxist hellhole, but you aren't going to drag us with you, which we know would be the inevitable outcome of giving you vermin an inch.


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