May 15, 2009

Liberal admits that Second Amendment is what's keeping them from seizing your property for redistribution

Seen at PW, but it's definitely making the rounds, this line is chilling,

This framing of the gun issue prevents Americans from taking up the collective responsibilities we have too long failed: our collective responsibilities to structurally alleviate poverty, classism, and racism.

In other words, The Second is the only thing keeping liberals from forcefully seizing your property in order to redistribute it. 


Framing the issue this way has an unmistakable implication: better-off white people must know how to handle their guns responsibly, and low-income people of color must not--why else would there be so many more gun crimes and deaths in *those* neighborhoods? *Those* people got what was coming to them, didn't they?

Oh no, you're very mistaken, you fascist vermin.  We eeeeevil crackers know that low income minorities know how to handle their firearms responsibly, because millions do so every day, and we'll defend their Universal Right to self-defense until hell freezes over.  We also know there are people who know how to responsibly own firearms, yet choose to use them for evil purposes.  We also know governments can become corrupt, spiral out of control, and use their power to oppress or even kill innocent peoples.  We have the right to defend ourselves from any out of control regime, and any individual that tries to do us harm.

In fact, one of the traditional means of oppression of blacks in America was to deny them the right to bear arms to defend themselves.  Most of the earliest gun control measures were established in the South after the Civil War, in order to keep newly freed blacks from defending themselves from attacks by Klansmen and other assorted vermin, and to keep blacks from using the force of arms to assert their other Constitutional rights. 

What if they could see how much the lack of gun control undermines the ability of people in neighborhoods like mine to protect ourselves and our children? What if they could glimpse what we already have learned too often, the hard way: that guns constitute the falsest of hopes for personal security? That widescale disarmament is ultimately the best way to keep every mother's son or daughter, every parent, and every human being safe and healthy as can be?

There are tens of millions of people from Russia and the former Soviet Bloc, China, Armenians, Sudanese, gays, Jews and other minorities or political dissenters who would probably argue that widespread disarmament of civilian populations doesn't work...if they could.

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