July 16, 2009

It's Official: Detroit Now Is More Of A Failed State Than Most Third World Countries

Somalia just called and said, "Damn. You Guys are fucked up!"

Low-priority crimes like breaking and entering {what do these fuckwits consider "high priority"?-ed.}might not be prosecuted and the conviction rates will continue to decline if the proposed budget for the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office is approved, Prosecutor Kym Worthy told commissioners this morning.

“We can’t even cover our courtrooms anymore,” Worthy said in vehemently disagreeing with the $28-million general fund budget proposed for the prosecutor’s office by Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano. “At some point, if the budget continues to be cut, we’re going to have to start making decisions about what crimes we prosecute.”

Oh. This should be fucking awesome. I sense an entrepreneurial opportunity here. Why not bring Robogeisha, Alex's Boots, MP's Facecocking, and the arsenal of Russ from Winterset up to Michigan, and create our own version of the A-Team before Snake, Chef From South Park, and Adrienne Barbeau's hooters show up? If the shitrags in Detroit are basically admitting that Anarchy Rulz, why not get in on the action?

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