January 28, 2009

Is It Just Me, Or Is Some Coordination Going On In The Media?

Remember back in 2000, when almost all of the deciders starting talking about Dick Cheney and "gravitas" all at the same time?

Well, I almost wonder if another batch of coordination is going on in the more diseased parts of the media. Remember the Kos "Townhouse" system of sending out talking points to various bloggers, resulting in virtual unanimity of thought? I almost wonder if a "Townhouse" system is now in place, where the more unstable members of the media parrot the same lines on the air in support of The Messiah.

My proof? Proof? Who needs proof?

But seriously, ever since the dustup between Pres. Obama and Rush Limbaugh, multiple on-air fools have attacked The Maha Rushie. But today, I sense a talking point going out, and it has an Alinsky-like method of trying to discredit the king of talk radio. And, *shocka*, the ones who are so far pushing the apparent catch words are two of the most disgraceful fools on the air.

First, admitted alcoholic* Jack Cafferty.

And picking a fight with that corpulent Oxycontin aficionado of right-wing talk radio, Rush Limbaugh -- well, that mobilizes a bunch more on the conservative right, and eventually, it will begin to bring down your approval ratings.

My emphasis.

Next? Just take a wild guess as to which MSNBC assholes (BIRM) are using virtually the same line. Just guess.

ALTER: Yes, I do think that`s what he`s doing, although the mullahs don`t send their maid out into the parking lot to score drugs for them-



OLBERMANN: And we won`t make any large jokes about Mr. Limbaugh.


OLBERMANN: Jonathan Alter of Newsweek and MSNBC. Thank you, Jon.

ALTER: Thanks, Keith.

Now, the second one is a tag team between two of the more shrieking liberals on the air. But, the double play of Oxycontin (mentioned by name both times) and Rush's weight (again, mentioned both times) on rival networks is a bit odd, no?

Look, I admit this is a reach, but I will never put anything past the Deciders, the nutroots (who we know hold sway with certain cable shows), and elected officials all working together. Besides, the almost "gravitas" like coordination by members of the media is beyond beyond, if you ask me. Is this the LGF .gif that exposed 60 Minutes? No. But I just can't believe this shit happens in a vacuum.

*As for mentioning Cafferty's alcohol problems: he admitted he has had problems, and besides, fuck him sideways if he doesn't like it.

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