December 03, 2009

Tonight, I Plan To Start A Tire Fire With DDT Laced Vinyl Siding As Kindling In Celebration

Yup. As the green goof scammery and flimflammery is crumbling and wilting faster than Keith Olbermann around a woman, Manbearpig, the High Priest Of Hucksterism, is bailing on his commitments at Copenhagen.

Oh, and Enviroweenies:



Fuck you, you fucking green goofs. Fuck you, your scam of a movement, and Algore up your hippies with flaming spotted owl soaked in perpetuity with the gonorrhea infested blood of a woodland mouse. Fuck you for pushing this crap sandwich on the rest of us, knowing what a fucking joke it was. Fuck you for trying to fuck our lives and economy up the ass like "fresh fish night" at the Jailhouse with the shitfistingly fucked up legislative equivalent of the bad kind of anal intrusions known as crap & trade. Fuck you for polluting our childrens' minds with these useless lies, so that they grow up believeing this bullshit. Fuck you for inspiring and influencing shitty movie after shitty movie. And fuck you in general just for being fucking annoying.

But you know what, Greenies? I fucking hope you realized you have been scammed. I fucking hope you realize that your whole set of beliefs was based upon lies, halftruths, and more bullshit than a group of Senators in their private shitter. I fucking hope you realize that as you were pouring zillions of dollars into the coffers of the hippie equivalent of a scamming televangelist, they knew all along that they were lying to you from the deepest bowels of Ed Begley's sustainable lifestyle , and were laughing at you for believeing them. I fucking hope you realize how fuckingly fucked up you fucking sounded for calling those of us who dared to even consider questioning your faith worse than a group of people who put over SIX FUCKING MILLION PEOPLE in ovens across Europe. I fucking hope you see how foolish you are for believing and following a man such as Algore, who ran away and hid when you needed him to refute the swirling shitstorm of facts and truth the last few weeks. And I sure the fucking fuck my the housemaid in the linen closet hope you  fucking feel let down and devastated as your world falls apart around you, for then and only then can you truly begin to assess what a fucking waste and folly you, your movement, and your leaders have been on this fucking topic and then proceed to rebuild your lives around COMMON FUCKING SENSE.

Fuck you, Greenies, You have made too much of a mess of things already, but that's OK. All is not lost. Just go off and try to fingerbang a polar bear while we grab a mop and cleanup after you. You smelly taintlickers have sat way too fucking long here for any fucking good that you cocksnogglers may have fiucking been doing. Depart the fuck out of here, I say, and fucking let  us have done the fucking fuckity fuck with you. In the fucking name of Gaia the Ghastly, GO!.




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