November 05, 2009

The Make Algore Rich While Destroying The Economy Bill Plows Along In The Senate

Fuck anybody who votes for this piece of crap.Fuck anybody who tries to help the Democrats, especially Lindsey GrahamFuck them with the ravaged carcass of the US Economy, because that is all that will be left of it if this legislation passes. all this bill will do is cripple the economy while Manbearpig gets richer and fatter.

The bill approved by the Environment and Public Works Committee will now become one of several initiatives in the Senate aimed at attacking global warming. But they are unlikely to produce legislation that would be voted on by the full Senate until next year at the earliest.

With Republicans boycotting the environment panel's measure, saying more analysis of the legislation was needed, 10 Democrats approved the bill and one Democrat, Senator Max Baucus, voted against it.

Senator John Kerry, who co-authored the bill with fellow Democrat Barbara Boxer, is leading an effort with some Republicans{yeah, like atomic fistee Graham-ed.}and the White House to draft a compromise.

Democrats in Congress, working on a major plank of President Barack Obama's agenda, have been anxious to show at least some progress on enacting a domestic climate change bill before December 7, when an international global warming summit convenes in Copenhagen.

While there were scores of amendments to the bill that environment committee members wanted to debate and vote on before approving it, they were unable to because of the Republican boycott.

Under committee rules, at least two Republicans had to be present to debate and vote on changing the bill.

Boxer delayed work on the legislation for two days, saying she was giving Republicans the opportunity to collect more information from EPA officials and to offer their own amendments.

But Republicans did not take her up on the offer and by Thursday, Boxer had lost patience with the delay.

Oh, and if anybody truly believes that any of this shit will help the planet,. I have a couple of Carbon Credits to sell you.

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