July 27, 2009

Mother Gaia, Manbearpig, And Hippies Everywhere Weep. And I Love The Taste Of Their Tears.

This is probably the greatest example of how to fuck with the self righteous cockgobblins who hector us about the cars we drive, and how we need to adopt more "Gaia-Friendly" methods of getting around, especially in those lawnmowers with a roof.

Eco-friendly Smart cars are small enough to be picked up by just a few people and dumped into the Dutch capital's canals, reports De Telegraaf newspaper.

One victim Casper de Jong was woken by police after they found his Smart floating in the waterway outside his apartment.

Mr de Jong said: "Several weeks ago the same thing happened to my companion's Smart. Both cars were a complete write-off."

One Smart sales worker said: "We're not supposed to talk about this because the police don't want the craze to spread but we've had quite a few drowned cars returned to us."

Oh yeah. Just reading this bit of truth to power made me want to go out and punch a hippie, urinate on his hemp blanket to improve the smell, and then throw a car battery into the lake as a celebration. 

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